Providing Community Assisted Living And Attendant Outreach Services Through Person-Centred Care

Cheshire is committed to providing high quality person centred supports for our consumers. It is a foundation of the Independent Living Philosophy and is embedded in the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization.

Two women in kitchen with a bowl of fruit

Attendant Outreach

Scheduled support to assist Adults with Physical Disabilities with daily activities to live independently in their own homes. Access to attendant outreach support is available 7 days a week during scheduled booking times.

Developmentally disabled gentleman using his computer

Community Assisted Living

Scheduled and unscheduled support provided to High Risk Seniors or Adults with Physical Disabilities in an individual’s home, group home, cooperative, or a cluster of apartments within a building. Access to support is available 7 days a week at any time of the day or night.

Independence is something that every person desires, and being disabled sometimes hinders that. However, becoming a consumer of the at-home support care offered by Cheshire, I now am able to have that independence.

Contact Home and Community Care Support Services (H&CCSS) to Apply for Community Assisted Living or Attendant Outreach Care.

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