Supporting individuals with physical disabilities and frail seniors to live independently in their communities

The mission statement of Cheshire defines what the organization hopes to achieve and articulates its purpose.

Mission: To support individuals with significant physical disabilities and high risk seniors to live independently in their communities through the provision of person-centred personal support services that:

  • are mutually respectful and value the contribution of all;
  • enable individual responsibility and self-determination;
  • promote inclusion and choice; and,
  • facilitate creative leadership and community development.

Cheshire has adopted a vision statement for the organization that defines its preferred future.
It is expressed in three words:

Making Independence Possible

For our consumers/clients, the vision for the future is inextricably tied to their vision of their own future. For many this means:
  • being able to live in their own home in the community of their choice with dignity, security and privacy;
  • being able to self-determine their lifestyle, participating in community activities;
  • being able to exercise control and responsibility over and for decisions which affect their lives; and,
  • having reasonable freedom of choice for themselves and their families.
The Vision for Cheshire from a Staff, Management and Board perspective is to acquire and maintain sufficient human and financial resources to enable it:
  • to create, operate and maintain attendant services programs which will enable all who require such services to live participatory lifestyles within their communities. Our program capability must be such that we are able to respond quickly to changing consumer needs;
  • to operate supplemental and/or referral programs, where and when necessary, which enable Cheshire consumers to remain in their own homes for as long as they so choose;
  • to create and maintain satisfactory training, skills development programs, compensation packages and working environments for Cheshire employees;
  • to maintain a credible public image as an organization dedicated to the provision of a needed service to its consumers in a manner which ensures quality, satisfaction and equitable treatment of both consumers and staff;
  • to aid and assist where possible in the development of similar attendant service programs in other areas; and,
  • in recognition that attendant services is but one aspect of the interrelated network of services required by some people with physical disabilities, to act in a cooperative and helpful manner with other organizations similarly committed to the development and improvement of services necessary to those with physical disabilities.
At Cheshire, our philosophy and values are the foundation upon which we build our plans, set our goals and measure our success. To the best of our ability we try to uphold these beliefs in all of our actions.

We believe:

  • Every individual is of inherent worth and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect;
  • A climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity, privacy and worth of each person is necessary if each is to feel part of their community, participating in its activities and contributing to its development. Such an environment also enables, enhances and promotes personal growth and development;
  • All people have basic human needs. Persons with physical disabilities have the same needs as others. One basic need is to live and participate in their community taking responsibility for their actions and decisions;
  • People with physical disabilities may require extra-ordinary supports to fulfill their basic needs. One support may be assistance with activities of living which the individual cannot physically accomplish without the assistance of another person. Such assistance is called Attendant Services;
  • Attendant Service programs must enable individuals to assume responsibility for themselves by ensuring individual choice, self – determination and the ability to participate in community life; and,
  • The effectiveness of attendant service programs depends upon co-operative actions between consumers, the community, service providers and government.

The values by which Cheshire operate are:

  • We believe that trust, honesty and mutual respect are fundamental for people to work together effectively;
  • We believe that each employee has valuable contributions to make to the organization; and,
  • We believe that teamwork and participation are essential and promote belonging, self-worth and commitment.