Supporting adults with physical disabilities to live with dignity in their own community since 1979

We at Cheshire provide attendant services to individuals with permanent significant physical disabilities in London and in six surrounding counties. There are separate programs within two program types: Attendant Outreach and Community Assisted Living.

Cheshire is a member of the Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance’s family of services and globally there are over 200 Cheshire Homes and services in 50 different countries. The Alliance members run autonomous projects, services and campaigns and work to support disabled people and their right to participate fully in society.

Cheshire is committed to providing high quality person-centred support for people living with physical disabilities. We believe each person is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

Cheshire is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1978 to address the housing and attendant service needs of people with physical disabilities in the London area.

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‘[We] need to set our sights high, to be satisfied with nothing less than the best, and to commit ourselves totally and unreservedly to participate in the struggle to build a more liveable world.’

Leonard Cheshire

Our management team coordinates directly with the Cheshire front-line team and the community to provide the highest quality support to those who need it.

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