Our Senior Leadership Team strives to provide the support needed, in conjunction with our front-line workers, to make independence possible across the London community.

Please note:  effective July 1, 2021 Angela McMillan will be our new Executive Director.  We wish all the best to Judi in her retirement and congratulations to Angela on her new position with Cheshire!
Judi Fisher

Executive Director
519-439-4246 ext. 226

Angela McMillan

Director of Community Support
519-439-4246 ext. 224

Justyna Borowiec

Director of Community Support
519-439-4246 ext. 228

Kristy McQueen

Director of Community Support
519-439-4246 ext. 230

Christina Hopkins

Director of Human Resources
519-436-4246 ext. 222

Lily Annand

Director of Finance
519-439-4246 ext. 229

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