Advocate’s dream of changing healthcare becomes a reality

Mike Lang worked hard to support his family, until he suffered a stroke. He lost the ability to speak and walk on his own, requiring a motorized wheelchair for mobility.

The stroke was a wake-up call for Mike, as he was starting to lose sight of what was truly important in life, putting work before family. “After my stroke, I learned I was looking at everything wrong,” says Mike.

Before Cheshire, it was hard for Mike to find the motivation to get better. However, he knew this was not just for him; he wanted to do it for his wife, Linda.

Cheshire’s Everyday Dreams Fund has given Mike the extra help that he needs, from various home modifications to assistance with purchasing a wheelchair. Assistive devices give Mike a level of independence that would not have been possible without that support.

Funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provided daily assistance to help Mike talk again, which has dramatically changed his life. “The girls worked with me every day, trying to get me to respond and communicate. When I got my speech back, it was a life changer.”

Mike has not only benefited from the Everyday Dreams Fund, he has made it his mission to give back. “It’s my dream to make a change in healthcare. Cheshire has given me the voice to make the system better.”

As a member of the Cheshire Advisory Council and Board of Directors, along with heavy involvement in the recent Patients First policy and three committees that work in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Mike is determined to use his voice to benefit others.

“I’ve got a drive that I didn’t have before being involved with Cheshire. I have a sense of purpose.”

Mike praises Cheshire’s staff for their unwavering support throughout the past six years, “They believe in me and allow me to have a life. “