This fund is available through ongoing financial support provided by Ontario Health West (formerly the South West LHIN) and administered by Cheshire on behalf of the CSS sector.  All applications are reviewed by the South West CSS Support and Development Council.

The fund is designed to support unexpected and/or transitional needs of clients of CSS Ontario Health West (OH West) funded programs to:
• Assist individuals to remain in their homes
• To prevent hospitalization, and/or
• To prevent premature admission to long-term care facilities.

All other local and available resources must have been investigated and exhausted prior to applying to the CSS Flexible Short-Term Fund.

Funds are available to an individual on a temporary basis. Interim support plans may be resourced for a period of up to three (3) months.

Detailed guidelines along with the process to access the fund and the application form are included in the links below:


CSS Flexible Short-Term Fund Application

CSS Flexible Short-Term Fund Categories of Requests

Local Funding Resources and Funds